BFF & By Faith

About Us

By Faith has been Chris and Dave Duncan since its genesis in Los Angeles in the late 1990s. Since that time, they've been creating and singing songs about the challenges and victories of life and the hope that is to come. By Faith has released 2 CDs over the years and their songs have had radio play and been sung in churches and more.

BFF (By Faith and Friends) is Chris & Dave and any number of cool musician friends (usually Dennis and Tom) who opt to join us on the rock-n-roll journey, playing 5 decades of pop, rock and even some country hits, B-sides and deep cuts. We've had the honor of sharing the stage and the studio with so.many.artists, from the well-known to the you-should-know-them-but-you-don't, all in the pursuit of bringing people the joy of music.

You can catch BFF or By Faith playing all over the Delaware Valley and beyond. Besides BFF, Chris is a member of the critically-acclaimed Pink Floyd tribute band Echoes and she’s performed with Montana Wildaxe for years. Dave is a regular guest with 2017 “MGK House Band” Kategory 5 and was previously performing with local acts Backyard Bonfire and Lost & Found, in addition to recording with well-known local artists Angela Sheik, Hot Breakfast, Darnell Miller and many more. If you’ve listened to WSTW’s Hometown Heroes radio show, you’ve probably heard Chris and Dave without knowing you were listening to them.